The Baobab Project – Madagascar

An innovative approach to tackle poverty and deforestation in Madagascar

Baobab forest in Madagascar
Baobab forest in Madagascar

By placing an economic value on the baobab fruit to improve the incomes of very poor people, we want to encourage local communities to protect their local trees and natural resources for a living forest.
Madagascan forests are under strong human pressure, and are likely to disappear even before having been fully studied. Indeed, 250,000 hectares of Madagascan forests disappear every year which means that if this pace of destruction is maintained the forests will have completely disappeared in a decade.

Deforestation by slash and burn agriculture
Deforestation by slash and burn agriculture

This will be a catastrophe for Madagascar which is one of the ten most important biodiversity “hot spots” on the planet. The main reason for deforestation is slash & burn for agriculture because of poverty, ignorance and a traditional disastrous habit.
Baobab tree is a genus of eight species and six only grow in Madagascar an emblematic symbol of the country.
For centuries local populations have used all parts of the multi-purpose baobab tree as a source for daily food, craft products and as a traditional remedy for skin, respiratory, digestive, fever and other ailments.
We want to bring to the world the health benefits of two 100 % ethical and sustainably wild harvested, raw and organic super ingredients from the baobab superfruit from Madagascar:

  • Baobab fruit powder
  • Baobab oil from the seeds

To make the Baobab Superfruit from Madagascar available to the world we need to raise funds for the first run.

The local population has always consumes the products of the baobab, we have to help them to preserve this heritage.
The local population has always consumes the products of the baobab, we have to help them to preserve this heritage.

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